Our participants, diagnosed with mood disorders, anxiety and psychosis have reported:
  • More than double the ability  to plan for wellness & recovery
  •  92% improvement in ability    to change unhelpful thinking  and negative self-talk
  • 100% recommendation to others with a mental illness 
  • Overall rating of 9.3 out of 10

Mental Health Services and Support Groups in Alberta

  • Prevention:  Evidence-based information on the risk factors and prevention of mental health conditions.
  • Recovery: Structured  program  of  weekly,  facilitated group sessions that guide participants through practices proven to support resilient recovery and reduce the severity of relapse.  
  • Facilitators:  Certified Peer Specialists - people who have recovered from a mental health diagnosis, and have graduated from specialized training and  practicums.
  • Program:  Fully-managed and easily integrated with other employee, entrepreneur and mental health services  

Successful Partnerships

Excellent Outcomes

Clinically Proven 

Program delivery partnerships:

  • South Calgary Primary Care Network - 240+ physicians in 50+  clinics 
  • The Carnat Centre - day hospital for schizophrenia & psychosis
  • CMHA Calgary  - funded by Bell Let's Talk
  • Hamilton Family Health Team - ​140 physicians in Hamilton Ontario

Conclusion from ​​7 randomized controlled  trials  on the effectiveness of Peer Support  

 “… evidence showing that it translates into stronger social networks, increased self-confidence, lower readmission rates and longer community tenure. . . also is associated with a higher rate of employment.” 

Pfeiffer, Heisler, et al. (2011). Efficacy of peer support interventions  for depression: a meta-analysis. General Hospital Psychiatry, 33(1), P29-36