A successful entrepreneur that has

grown companies to over $1 billion in profitable revenue,  Sue Miller

knows what it takes to attract investment, win customers and inspire employees. 

Having provided hundreds of people with the tools for mental resilience, 

Sue was invited to speak about building mental resilience for entrepreneurs 

at the national convention of the Canadian Venture Capital Association . 

Article on Entrepreneur Mental Resilience

​​Mental Resilience Boot Camp

You can't avoid the stressful situations of running a business.  

You can learn how to minimize the negative impact of stress on your brain. 


As an entrepreneur you are a "race car" that requires special fuel and maintenance to win.   

High performance requires an understanding of the impact of  business race conditions. 

In six hours you will learn how to: 

  • Reduce the chance of spinning off-track.  Protect your cognitive ability.
  • MInimize speed-loss on hairpin turns (pivots) Avoid loss of energy.
  • Ensure more effective pit stops.  Stay engaged and motivated. 
  • Maximize your race performance with effective maintenance. Avoid breakdowns. 

Three weekly 2-hour sessions $950

Decide. Commit. Succeed.